Global Telecom Solutions (GTS)

GTS offers a vast network of premier providers nationwide with a complete array of services and solutions:

  • Connectivity
  • SD-WAN
  • Colo and Cloud Services
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and Mobility
  • Expense Management
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical / Access Control Security
  • Unified Communications (UCaaS), Hosted PBX and Voice
  • Call Center / Contact Center (CCaaS)
  • Telco Aggregators

Marketing With TuxBoy

Go-to-market strategy and planning

US based companies expanding into European and Asia Pacific countries often stumble in their efforts to establish a market base. Asia Pacific and European based companies face similar challenges entering the US market.

Common to both is the need for a localized go-to-market strategy that navigates the unique business culture of each market. Synchronization is essential to ensure alignment between the Sales and Marketing teams across the regions.

TuxBoy supports businesses in the Industrial Automation, Semiconductor, and Enterprise Technology sectors by helping you develop and execute an effective go-to-market strategy that is unique to the customers you serve.

To learn what approach works best for your business, we will will conduct a Discovery meeting with your team and then make recommendations for the most cost effective strategy.

Thought Leadership strategy

Thought Leadership is when the media calls YOU for an opinion on the industry!John Bentham

Before the media will ask your C-Level executives about their ideas, they will need to read about them first. A Thought Leadership platform articulates these ideas and explains why they are important. TuxBoy will help you develop the assets needed to get the attention it warrants.

  1. Identify changes to existing assets that reinforce the Thought Leadership platform
  2. Develop new media to provide a deeper dive into the ideas in the platform
  3. Secure speaking engagements as a Subject Matter Expert at targeted conferences, events, and trade shows
  4. Ensure alignment with your existing Marketing strategy
  5. Identify benchmarks and tactical measurements to track engagement

A well developed platform will help you approach the media in a way that makes it easier for them to engage.

Marketing advisory services

Advisory services, such as establishing a Global Marketing Advisory Council, will facilitate collaboration on customer engagement ideas and best practices between geographically and culturally distinct regions. Collaboration on…

  • Brand continuity
  • Message harmonization
  • Strategic planning

…will help keep the Marketing and Sales strategies aligned between regions.

As a result, look for increased alignment between Marketing and Sales support activities, less duplication of effort (lower Capex cost) and a much more engaged and responsive team. This should be a consideration of any multi-national company with a decentralized marketing team. Contact TuxBoy for more information on how Advisory Services can help your market entry or expansion plans.

Market research and closed-loop marketing

Your organization’s ongoing market research likely includes target audience trends. It should also include a closed-loop process, where customer feedback is aggregated by the Marketing team and then provided to Product Management. From there, it should be used to enhance the product line for delivery back through Sales. When implemented, this process may reveal some surprising insights:

  • Identification by your customers of new product and/or feature requirements (product extensibility)
  • Awareness of product support issues (which could lead to reduced support costs and preventive/corrective actions)
  • Early warning of a dissatisfied customer (attrition)
  • Market confirmation of your product or service launch

For larger organizations, it’s very likely that the necessary elements already exist for a closed-loop process; they may just need alignment and Executive approval for implementation. While we can’t guarantee executive approval, we can help make a compelling case for making this part of your go-to-market strategy!

Marketing inventory

Companies often realize too late that their current marketing tools are not well suited for use in multiple geographies; differences in language terms, privacy laws, cultural practices, and even direct mail sizes may not be comparable.

A marketing inventory identifies everything that touches a customer and then determines which tactics, tools, agencies and vendors will support multiple regions. As some marketing functions require a local response, TuxBoy will make recommendations on which tactics should be managed centrally and which ones could effectively be managed regionally.

At the completion of the inventory, your Marketing team will know exactly which tactics will support multiple regions and those that will not, therefore providing them with an action plan to resolve the tactical gaps.

Media relations

TuxBoy will help you identify media entities who are already reaching your target audience. We’ll engage the proper media and build mutually beneficial relationships with your Executive and Marketing teams.

  • Set up introductions and interviews with the media at targeted events and trade shows
  • Plan and host a Media Day at your regional headquarters
  • Incentivize original content creation and publication from your Subject Matter Experts

A strong relationship with the media is essential to keeping connected within your industry and developing a Thought Leadership strategy.

M&A marketing integration

Even the most successful merger or acquisition often leaves value on the table in terms of missed opportunity; this is especially true in managing tangible and intangible Marketing assets. Consider the following post-acquisition questions:

  • If the Acquired’s lead generation depends heavily on inbound website traffic, what strategy will be put in place to prevent that traffic (and their leads) from funneling away and into the Acquiring company’s website? How will the Acquired recover lost website traffic to meet their aggressive new post-acquisition revenue objectives?
  • Is the purpose of the acquisition for market share, a better or niche product, or both? An acquisition to gain a specific product could mean it has a loyal following and established brand equity. What strategy is in place to migrate this equity to the Acquiring company?
  • Are the Acquired’s existing demand generation tactics being analyzed for effectiveness in light of new messaging?
  • Are there vendors or agencies under contract with the Acquired company? Will it cost more to sever these contracts, or to keep them going and repurpose the work as necessary?
  • What are the sunset dates for the Acquired’s online assets? Will a premature termination of these assets result in loss of leads, revenue or reputation?
  • Will an M&A Marketing Integration forum be established to red-flag, yellow-flag, or green-light integration activities? Will connections be mapped between Marketing teams on both sides of the acquisition?

TuxBoy has developed an Acquisition Site Integration Model to address the need for critical engagement between the Acquirer and the Acquired; it answers many of the questions above. Contact us to learn how we can help solve your marketing integration challenges and capture additional value.

Website design, development and launch

Your business’ home online! If you have a website, does it accurately reflect who you are, what you do, and who you want to reach? Are you driving traffic to your website from social media channels and Ratings & Reviews platforms? Are you engaging website visitors with content they can share on social media? More importantly, are you converting traffic to qualified leads?

For your existing website, we offer:

  • Landing pages to highlight additional service or product offerings
  • Refresh stale content to better reflect the current state of your business
  • Compelling images to further engage viewers
  • Social media sharing options
  • New or updated contact forms and location maps
  • Comprehensive SEO strategies to drive organic search engine traffic
  • Analyses of visitor traffic for website improvements

A new website should be designed to engage visitors and nurture them into qualified leads. It’s also an excellent place to integrate new or existing social media channels for maximum visibility by your target audience.

For new websites, we offer all of the above and:

  • Domain name purchase and registration or transfer from another host
  • Hosting of the website with encrypted security
  • Design and launch of a website that engages visitors
  • User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design
  • Social media linking; embedded social media integration
  • Integrated email subscription services (for newsletters or product updates)
  • GDPR compliance (for US based companies doing business in the European Union)
  • CCPA compliance (for companies doing business in California)

For a look at some of our recent website launches, see the examples on our Portfolio page.

Social media promotion strategy and playbook

A consistent stream of original and relevant content pushed onto Social Media will reinforce your market advantage and messaging, and contribute significantly to your organization’s Thought Leadership efforts.

While we typically think of the BIG 3 social media platforms Google, Facebook, Twitter, there has been a significant increase in new social media channels due to privacy and free speech concerns. New platforms such as Parler, Clubhouse, Gab, MeWe, etc. should not be neglected because they are new, as they are growing quickly with a completely different demographic than what is found on the legacy platforms.

A Social Media playbook is a guide for those who are engaging with prospective and existing customers on social media. It should include guidelines for engagement, content “dos and don’ts”, and may have an editorial calendar that is aligned with other generated content (e.g. articles and case studies). A playbook also serves as an important mitigation tool, should legal issues arise.

Mobile app development

As good as your website may be, sometime you just need more power and capabilities on the small screen. We can develop an engaging mobile experience for any device, accessible from the Google Play or Apple App stores, to give your customers exactly what they need.

Inbound marketing

The purpose of inbound marketing is to drive visitor traffic from social media, emails, or other calls-to-action (like a direct mailer) to landing pages on your website where viewers are guided to take a specific action. If they find value in your information, they may be inclined to interact with the features (e.g., download a file, submit a contact form, leave a comment), resulting in a prospective lead.

Here are just a few of the many service offerings we can customize to effectively reach your target audience:

  • Acquisition of new social media accounts and profile setup (e.g., named accounts, background and profile images, tag lines)
  • Social media posting based on an editorial calendar or other criteria (to drive website traffic)
  • Blogging and podcasting to your target audience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing to subscribers
  • Invitation-only events
  • Individualized direct mailers
  • Campaign or event specific website landing pages
  • Get creative and let us know what else you have in mind!

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